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Custom Emergency Vehicle Fabrications

Serving Rochester and All of Western New York

Just some of Cropo's fabrication work
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Custom Fabrications
  • Customized emergency radio face plates
  • Custom emergency equipment brackets
  • Storage cabinets customized for large equipment (eg. stairchairs)
  • Interior Consoles made to order
  • Specialized Front and Rear Bumpers
  • Custom light configurations
  • Emergency Vehicle welding - both structural and cosmetic
  • We enjoy a challenge: Our shop is fully equipped for metal working of almost all kinds; and we take pride in our ability to solve your emergency vehicle fabrication challenges, whatever they are!
Custom Fabrications in Emergency Vehicles complete welding services
Fabrication Services
    • Welding Processes Available:
      • GTAW (Gas Tungsten ARC Welding)
      • SMAW (Shielded Metal ARC Welding)
      • GMAW (Gas Metal ARC Welding)
      • FCAW (Flux Cored ARC Welding)
      • TIG - Stick - MIG
  • Manual Plasma Cutting and Gouging
  • Oxygen Acetylene Cutting
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • In-house MACHINE SHOP Service (This allows us to build or duplicate almost any fabricated part. We can reproduce parts that are not available or that have long lead times from the factory.)
    • CNC Mill
    • Manual Process Vertical Mill
    • Manual Process Lathe
    • Surface Grinding
  • We work with:
    • Aluminum
    • Steel
    • Stainless Steel
    • Plastics
    • Fiberglass
    • Composites
    • Wood
  • Custom A/C Tubes and Hoses with factory-style crimps #8 to #12 including reduced barrier hoses
  • Custom Bent and Flared Brake tubing
  • 60 ton Hydraulic Press
  • Sandblasting with several media options
  • We specialize in Emergency Vehicles
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